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Mosquito Squad has made mosquito control a reality for customers all across the United States. Our Barrier Treatment Program is our most popular option and it provides season long protection from annoying mosquito & tick bites for your family and your pets!

Our proven mosquito control solutions provide a barrier of mosquito control that keeps our customers coming back year after year, and has made us the industry standard in mosquito control. Call us today and find out how Mosquito Squad of Cedar Rapids & Iowa City can help you reclaim your backyard.

The Mosquito Squad Difference

Our process targets everywhere mosquitoes & ticks nest, feed, and reproduce on your property. Our barrier program will keep you protected from May to October from pesky mosquito bites. Ready to be bite free this summer?

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Mosquito bites are more than just an irritating part of life, mosquitoes are the deadliest creature on our planet. In America, over 1,000 people experience death or serious illness from mosquito bites. Globally, over one million people are killed by mosquito-borne diseases each year. It’s time to get serious about mosquito control.

We Offer:

  • Barrier Treatment Protection
  • Misting Systems
  • Special Event Treatments
  • All Natural Options
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Why do our customers choose us over the competition?

Top Rated Pesticide Company

Best In Class

Mosquito Squad has been named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2015 list of best in class franchise concepts. Ranking at number #1, Mosquito Squad is listed as the best pest control franchise on their prestigious list.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Peace of Mind

We believe that if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We stand behind all of our products and services with our 100% money back guarantee. Don’t you wish every business was this easy to work with?

Help Us End Malaria


We donate to Malaria No More. A nonprofit global health organization with the goal of ending malaria deaths in Africa. Since 2012, Mosquito Squad’s efforts have raised over $200,000 to help the fight against malaria.

Satisfied Customers: The strongest proof of our performance.

Our kids hate getting bug bites when playing outside. But now Mosquito Squad allows our entire family to enjoy more time outdoors.
Erin Z.
We had a Mosquito Squad misting system installed last summer and it has made a huge impact on our backyard. Our 11 year old, who was constantly bitten by bugs, now can play all day without one bite. He raves about it to all his friends in the neighborhood. It’s great for families who want to enjoy their outdoor space.
Sue G.
We called Mosquito Squad last summer when our yard became inundated with mosquitoes. Not only has it allowed us to spend more time outdoors without bug bites, but their service has been wonderful. They call us before and after every treatment so we don’t have to worry when we are due or if they’ve been there.
Mark H.
Thanks to Mosquito Squad my family and I have enjoyed our yard again and have even been able to have dinner outside on the patio without being carried away by mosquitoes.
Benton S.
He was very flexible with scheduling the treatment around my schedule. Several different payment options offered. Very personable and explained the whole process.It works! I have not had one mosquitoes bite so far. Signed up for season!
Beck L.
Mosquito Squad has changed my yard into an oasis! I can enjoy my time outside now … gardening, playing with my daughter, or just relaxing on the back porch. No bug treatment required. I’m beyond happy with the results Mosquito Squad has delivered! Thank you so much.
Angie S.
I had a wedding back in April in a heavily wooded back yard. You could not sit out there in the middle of the day without being attacked. After the treatment, we had NO problems with mosquito’s! You guys are ROCK!!
Delana J.
It worked great for our party in the back yard. We had previously been unable to sit outside late in the day, but your treatmenting eliminated the mosquitos. I would highly reccomend your service to our friends.!
Patty H.
We have been able to enjoy the outdoors again. After seeing the effects of West Nile Virus while working at a local healthcare facility, I was afraid to let my children outside. I have peace of mind with Mosquito Squad, and I really love that the work is guaranteed. They will come treat your yard again if you aren’t satisfied.!
Kim R.